Our Story

The idea for we say water started from a tradition in action sports called the 10% Rule. The basis of the rule is that when you win prize money at a contest, it is your responsibility to spend 10% of that money at the bar that night. It makes for a really good time for all your friends for one night.

Over the years I began to wonder if there was a way that we could do something positive with this idea. People who are winning contests are usually pretty fortunate, and WeSayWater is a streamlined opportunity for them, or anyone else who wants to help, to make a difference in the world.

The Problem

Half of the world still doesn’t have clean drinking water. People who live in those areas just accept digestive problems, parasites, and water borne illnesses as a fact of life. WeSayWater is out to change that.

WeSayWater’s founder, Professional Freeskier and 2 time X Games Gold Medalist David Wise, has become more and more passionate about clean water and sanitation as the project has developed. It is our goal to not only provide clean drinking water for those who need it, but also to provide education about health and sanitation relating to clean water.

has funded a water sanitation project in the Dominican Republic, and we are halfway to funding a new well in Cholombo, Malawi. Help us change the world.